NASGW COVID-19 Response Efforts

Dear NASGW Members,

In response to the COVID-19 virus, the NASGW Board of Directors and staff team are closely monitoring this growing concern and working together to take the appropriate steps to keep our employees, members and communities safe.

Throughout this uncertainty, we are committed to maintaining quality support and services for our members – just like we would any other day.

Member Support and Assistance

Your Board of Director members are willing to serve as a resource to you. We know you are facing challenges with shipments, credit situations, logistics, warehouse staffing and a variety of other concerns all related to this issue. Please feel free to reach out to us for a more personal conversation to talk about what steps we are taking to keep ahead of this situation.

The majority of NASGW’s staff already work remotely. Everyone has access to email, work phones, files and information. NASGW has a business continuity plan in place and we are 100% operational and business will continue with little disruption.

While we all navigate these uncertain times, here are the steps your NASGW staff is taking in light of the situation:

IWA Outdoor Classic

NASGW has chosen not to participate in the rescheduled IWA Outdoor Classic in Germany. The timing and logistics are just too challenging that time of year with our own Expo right around the corner. We are currently working with IWA and their vendors to negotiate the financial implications.

2020 NASGW Expo

The NASGW Expo has been cancelled for 2020. We'll look forward to seeing everyone in Columbus, OH in 2021.

Best wishes,

The NASGW Board of Directors


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